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Pronunciation: (su-bûr'bE-u), [key]
1. suburbs collectively.
2. suburbanites collectively.
3. the social or cultural aspects of life in suburbs.
suburb   noun [C]
an area on the edge of a large town or city where
people who work in the town or city often live

suburbs   plural noun
The suburbs is the outer area of a town, rather than
the shopping and business centre in the middle.
suburban   adjective
suburban schools/housing
(disapproving) Suburban is sometimes used to
suggest that something  is boring and lacks excitement.
suburban life
suburbanite   noun [C] AMERICAN AND AUSTRALIAN Webmaster:
A suburbanite is a person who lives in the suburbs of
a large town or city.
Suburbia is the outer parts of a town, where there are
houses, but no large shops, places of work or places
of entertainment.
(especially disapproving) Suburbia also refers to the
people who live in the outer parts of a town or to their way of life.